“As a young, energetic addition to the legal system, my goal is make to sure justice is served whenever there is doubt in the consistency of the law.  Growing up right here in Modesto I have seen first hand when larger companies or parties try to bully the little guy.  I make sure I do my best to fight for you and what you think is important.  We all need a voice, no matter the situation. I think what separates me most is my ability to find previously unexplored avenues that can result in the complete turnaround of a previously indefinite decision. I will always strive to make sure justice is served and that my client is being treated fairly.”

-Gurjeet Rai, Attny At Law 

After graduating from Beyer High School, Gurjeet attended Modesto Junior College for two years before transferring to the University of California, Davis where he received his Bachelor of Arts. After graduating from the University of California, Davis, Gurjeet worked for the Sacramento County Probation Department as a sworn peace officer; after which he applied to law school.

Gurjeet attended Whittier Law School in Southern California. Gurjeet has obtained and received recognition during his scholastic and professional career. While attending law school, Gurjeet received invaluable experience working as a law clerk within both the public and private sectors. This includes the Orange County Public Defender’s Office, Stanislaus County Public Defender’s Office, Seton and Associates, and Brown, White, and Newhouse LLP.

Gurjeet was awarded a J.D. from Whittier Law School, Magna Cum Laude, after graduating in the top 5% of his class with a Concentration in Criminal Law and an Honors Certificate in Legal Writing. During his time at Whittier Law School, Gurjeet Rai was a recipient of the Dean’s Merit Scholarship and a member of the Law Review Society.

After being admitted to the bar, Gurjeet worked with a firm in Modesto, California where he was in charge of bankruptcy, criminal law, and personal injury cases. It was in 2011 that Gurjeet decided to open the Rai Law Firm.